Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two of Each

I am so thankful for this gift I have and that I have clients who contact me over and over for more images of their loved ones. That is something to be thankful for considering the state so many people are in these days, including my family.
These guys are so blessed to have so many beautiful children. I hope to have another child soon. Four is such a great number!

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my sister's house this year and it was so nice, casual, delicious, great company. I even came home and got caught up on sessions! If you are waiting on a preview from me, let me know. I am posting previews for clients who ask right now since this is the busy time for me. There are seven more on my list, I am hoping to get these out the door. So for now, this is the second to last preview I am posting right now. I have to proof and edit the rest before the big weekend of sessions hits me in two days so I will concentrate on getting these out the door!

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