Thursday, November 26, 2009

They just love each other

My friend always told me how her son and daughter were such good friends. I can really see it now. What great images for a Christmas card. Love the red, black and white combo.

Two of Each

I am so thankful for this gift I have and that I have clients who contact me over and over for more images of their loved ones. That is something to be thankful for considering the state so many people are in these days, including my family.
These guys are so blessed to have so many beautiful children. I hope to have another child soon. Four is such a great number!

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my sister's house this year and it was so nice, casual, delicious, great company. I even came home and got caught up on sessions! If you are waiting on a preview from me, let me know. I am posting previews for clients who ask right now since this is the busy time for me. There are seven more on my list, I am hoping to get these out the door. So for now, this is the second to last preview I am posting right now. I have to proof and edit the rest before the big weekend of sessions hits me in two days so I will concentrate on getting these out the door!

Turkey Day post

Here is a quickie post, I am out the door to celebrate Thanksgiving. Wanted to get this preview up for a wonderful and sweet family. Enjoy these!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The boy and trains

Trains are so fascinating to me. I love the textures they provide in my images, but I dislike waiting for them to pass while I leave my hood. This guy is the same age as my son. He has much more energy than I could ever have, I think if I ran around like he did, I would be the size of a super model. Had fun A!

Blast from the Past

Wow, I have been so busy and hope to get caught up so everyone can have their images in time for the holidays! Here are some from recent sessions this past Fall.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Preview before the holidays

I found some new ways to get reactions out of people thanks to these guys. Oh what fun, I will never think of pancakes in the same way. I think children do so well when they are outside and you can not beat natural light and how it makes the skin glow! For your first family session outdoors, I think you guys look like naturals!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Darling Divas {Keller Family Photographer}

How fun would it be to have three girls! I have no clue, since I have three boys. But boy oh boy were these girls charming and very prepared to work it for the cam! I was shocked when the youngest little lass would just sit there and give me all sorts of expressions and poses to work with, we spent a few hours walking around the Arboretum. I think a good time was had by all, thanks guys for hanging in there until the end.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Change in Season

The leaves are falling and the sun is going down early. I love this time of year, but it does make me lazy and sleepy. No wonder the bears sleep the entire time! I met up with these guys one week day morning for a session and the spot I chose was not very colorful and the leaves had all fallen off the trees. So, last minute, we met across the street and I love the golden colors and warm feeling in the images.

Families are fun

Lately, I have been meeting up with several families and capturing images of them for the holidays. They have been such a treat for me and a nice change from my normal job staying at home and doing graphic design. I love to get out and breath the fresh air. Check out this family, they are such naturals in front of the camera and even posed for a few.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweet Memories

I was strolling down memory lane recently and recall setting up photo shoots for my dog "Mikey" in my bathroon. I would tape a huge blanket over the mirror and place stuffed animals and then my dog in the middle and snap away. My first camera was a Red Canon film camera, can't recall the model. I did love to snap away then and the urge has revolved again and again once I had children.

What a laid back and fun family these guys are. I love it when people are up for anything and we just stroll around. Typically, I try to refrain from "posing" people because sometimes it backfires and people end up looking like stiff robots. I capture what I feel in the moment, so difficult to explain. I hope these images bring you guys many more fun family moments.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Returning Clients

I love this aspect of what I do, getting to know people and having them contact me for more images! I feel like I have the greatest time getting to know these new friends and their families. You can tell by my blog that I am not much of a writer and am more of a visual person, been that way for a long long time. I enjoyed the photos in books, rather than the words. I guess you would say it has always been this way.

These friends picked the most outrageous colors for this session, I love how the red POPS and the backdrop aint to bad either. We did get kicked out of one location, but then off to the next. These girls, especially the younger sis liked working it for the camera. At least Ms. S gave me some more smiles this time. See ya next Spring guys!

P.S. They would not let me post any photos of the entire family together, but they did a fantastic job! Happy Holidays to you!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Holiday Cards 2009

This year I decided to offer cards for my clients. I am doing something different since it is my first year and am using templates. Next year, it will be a whole other story. I hope to design my own and offer those. I will not be printing these, but emailing the digital file to you. There is a small fee, email me for more information!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Leaves, Wagons and Trains

All about boys here, my specialty and little Jake was such a cutie! Even though he threw dirt on me at the end, it was all worth it and this well-mannered boy said he was "sorry".

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tis the Season for Holiday Photos 2009

Boy oh boy, this family was great. Mr. O was such a ham, rockin' and rollin' for the camera. The Gaylord is already decked out so we took advantage of their hospitality of fine decorations for some family portraits. These 2 kiddos were a little tough to capture together, but we did get a few great ones.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Need more space and more time

This past two months has been so crazy busy. A big thank you to my dear friends and sister who continue to spread the word about my photography business. While it is taking off, I have to seriously play catch up on a new blog and more marketing materials. Hope to get that started in January. What a blessing it is to enjoy what I do, finally!

Although I stay home with my three boys who are all under 4, I have managed to get my photography business movin' with the help of so many friends and my sister, Eryn. Big HUGS to all of you and thank you guys for calling me and to those clients who keep coming back, you know who you are!

At the first of the month, I met up with Lis and her growing family at the Canals. The little blond curly guy was such a character and truly represents what I love about people are are real in front of the camera. I captured some great moments with these guys, something that will last them forever.

There are a lot to preview on this one, sorry guys, but there were so so so many! You will see.....soon.
This lovely blog never really does my images the justice they deserve, but you get the gist.