Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer is HERE- Mini Session info Announcement!

Hey guys! Here is my summer mini session info, please let me know if you are interested or have any questions. Pass along to anyone you know too.

I am doing a REFERRAL discount too, one referral discount per person. If you refer a person, they have to sign up for a session, pay their $25 deposit, then you get $25 off your session, normally $75, will be $50. They have to mention your name to get credit as well and you can only get a discount if they book, pay and only one time.

Happy Weekend!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Want Alyssa Maisano Photography to shoot your child's next birthday party for FREE and get a disc with the images?

Here's how:
1. Send recent non-professional photo of your child, then list the age he/she will be on their next birthday. (must have a birthday in the next 3 months June- August)

2. Send me the "theme" of your party, I will post it on your photo on May 25th

3. I will post the entries on facebook on my page. Have your friends, family and everyone "LIKE" my page then LIKE your photo, the person who has the most votes/likes on their photo WINS!!!!
4. Send photos to

DEADLINE to enter is MAY 24th. No entries will be accepted after that.

Voting will last until MAY 31, winner will be announced on June 1 in the morning.

My son, a banner year, FIVE years old

My first born son turned five this month, and boy was it a great time. May is always a busy month for me and this year was no different. I had Party Pets come out to the park and we had a grand ol' time. My son was in animal heaven, he really found his calling. I had a friend help shoot the party and she did an awesome job, I am so thankful. Off I go to pack up the car for a long trip to the coast tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The last of the Bluebonnets

Although this season was not the best for wildflowers here in DFW, we still managed to capture the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Such uniqueness, each session was so different and that is what makes what I do so rewarding! The time I have put into my business has been such a blessing, it is growing so fast, hardly can keep up with my three boys and now a great career path for me. These two families were the last of the bluebonnets this season, the kids are so sweet, love 'em!