Sunday, November 15, 2009

Returning Clients

I love this aspect of what I do, getting to know people and having them contact me for more images! I feel like I have the greatest time getting to know these new friends and their families. You can tell by my blog that I am not much of a writer and am more of a visual person, been that way for a long long time. I enjoyed the photos in books, rather than the words. I guess you would say it has always been this way.

These friends picked the most outrageous colors for this session, I love how the red POPS and the backdrop aint to bad either. We did get kicked out of one location, but then off to the next. These girls, especially the younger sis liked working it for the camera. At least Ms. S gave me some more smiles this time. See ya next Spring guys!

P.S. They would not let me post any photos of the entire family together, but they did a fantastic job! Happy Holidays to you!

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