Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Need more space and more time

This past two months has been so crazy busy. A big thank you to my dear friends and sister who continue to spread the word about my photography business. While it is taking off, I have to seriously play catch up on a new blog and more marketing materials. Hope to get that started in January. What a blessing it is to enjoy what I do, finally!

Although I stay home with my three boys who are all under 4, I have managed to get my photography business movin' with the help of so many friends and my sister, Eryn. Big HUGS to all of you and thank you guys for calling me and to those clients who keep coming back, you know who you are!

At the first of the month, I met up with Lis and her growing family at the Canals. The little blond curly guy was such a character and truly represents what I love about people are are real in front of the camera. I captured some great moments with these guys, something that will last them forever.

There are a lot to preview on this one, sorry guys, but there were so so so many! You will see.....soon.
This lovely blog never really does my images the justice they deserve, but you get the gist.

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