Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Urban Old School Mini Sessions:: AUGUST

I have longed to shoot in this alley for quite some time and at the beginning of the Summer, I had listed my mini sessions for the entire Summer. Officially ending the Summer with a back-to-school theme. Thankfully, I have been so blessed to be busy this Summer, I have just now put up my preview for the LAST mini session for the Summer. Contact me for more explicit details regarding this session, I have several ideas to make it more unique!

School is almost here!!!!!


  1. i love the back to school idea and totally want to steal it!! ha

  2. Alyssa... while organizing my office I found a box of old slides I bought from ebay. Someone's family photos. Anyway, I loved the images of the family portraits with the car in the background or in the front yard and I thought, "oh how old school. That would be fun to do old school family portraits like that... must plan mini sessions." LOL loved to see you got the idea for old skool first day school photos... our brains are kinda on the same wavelength!!