Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When Life is Really Good

The day started off with rain and clouds, then the sun showed up and off I went to photograph Mr. G. These guys had me booked since last December. I have had such great opportunities to photograph sweet little newborn lives, it has been amazing, almost as amazing as birth photography. Mr. G let me mess with him for an hour or so and he stayed asleep, I felt like the baby whisperer. So much fun to photograph newborns and so much time and patience. His older sister loved the camera and we had a little model session while baby G was feeding.


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing. Baby Grayson Samuel is perfect! So glad he is here, healthy and growing! Big sister, Morgan will have a so much fun with you, baby Grayson!
    Your church family, at Fellowshipchurch
    Stephanie (Hand in Hand prayer team) and Chad (Nursery Pastor)

  2. Amazing photos!! I appreciate Elise bringing your blog to my attention. I loved the presentation you created but most of all I love Morgan and all of God's wee little baby faces.
    Ritchie & Joyce Smith
    Bismarck, Arkansas